Special offer: We are giving a 50% discount, only today! Limited stock available
Special offer: We are giving a 50% discount, only today! Limited stock available
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Why BulbEyes Security Camemra? 
Small In Size - Big On Features!

Say Goodbye to complicated home security setups. BulbEyes Camera is powered by your light bulb socket and is fully controlled by your smartphone.

360° Panoramic CameraEnables

You to capture an entire room from all angles with just one bulb.

WiFi Enabled Smart Bulb

Connects directly to your WiFi & is accessible from anywhere in the world!

IR Night Vision Camera

8 IR LED lights reflect off objects to transmit HQ video even in the darkest hour.

24/7 Smartphone Monitoring

BulbEyes Security Camera will provide you with all-day clear monitoring footage using its 4MP ultra-high-definition resolution.

Motion Detection Alert

Get real-time notification on your phone anytime there is a motion in the area.

Plug & Play Installation

Just plug into a regular light bulb socket & it's connected. No wire, no batteries!

"Is BulbEyes Security Camera Worth It?"

With such incredible quality for this price? The answer is 100% YES!
 No need for costly installation, expensive equipment, or additional expenses! BulbEyes Security Camera offers all the features you need to protect your family and valuables while still being affordable and easy to use.



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It pans to the left and right, up and down, has motion tracking that works flawlessly and has many features that the big name cameras have... t also retains the function of lighting.

Victor Walters, 33

Easy to set up. Good quality picture. Can preset camera views. Does a good job tracking a person and even our little dog. I recommend this product. Responsive technical support. We reached out to tech support on a Sunday evening and they got back to us right away.

Ryan Marcus, 45

This is the greatest for those who don't have electrical source to mount security camera but have power source for porch light. I removed porch bulb and replaced with this security bulb. It's better than porch light as now it is operated by motion which means I'm never in the dark when I come home at night.I can pan a radius with screen movement. Perfect solution for outdoor security surveillance!

Nicole Darr, 37

I searched for a while for a solution to a front porch camera that fit my needs. I'm in a rental with a stone front, no way to mount anything and the doorbell is recessed. This has been the easiest and most cost effective solution for my front porch light. I feel so much better that my deliveries are safer and I sleep better at night.

Tim Haniken, 43

Love the panoramic screen. Resolution is spectacular. PTZ works great. Automatically resets and reconnects to router after outage, which is an improvement from my last camera. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. It certainly is an upgrade from the last security samera I had.

Candice Napoli, 47

It has a fantastic picture. Recording on an sd card looks fantastic and easy to access from your phone. I have it at my office but I had to buy an 4 inch extension to put the camera below the glass. The glass caused a reflection in night vision. The ability to turn the camera 360 degrees is awesome. I love it.

Eddie Thomas, 38

I like this camera very much. Very convenient and easy to set up. The App for the set up is easy to use. I did buy a mini SD Card which are cheap to record video and photos. If looking for wireless camera for easy installation, this is the one.

Kaden Wood, 44

I was hesitant at the beginning. But this has been a good investment. Good quality and easy to install.

Victor Walters, 35

This is a great camera, after one month of use so far no issues and it works great with good quality. I love the fact you can rotate the camera from the app. Very easy to install and setup. Definitely recommend this camera.

Irma Lukson, 40

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