Scientists Are Calling This Is The Ultimate "cure" For Hair Loss

Made in the USA with 100% USDA Organic Certified Pure Oils, Hair regrowth results are seen within 3 to 4 weeks, ViVaGrow aims to help women revitalize every strand of their hair so that all women can have any look they want.

Real Data, Real Hair Growth

ViVaGrow is a pure organic hair regrowth product. It can revive hair damage by styling and coloring. Combat DHT effects for healthier, faster hair growth.

Boosts the vitality of hair follicles to help hair grow faster

Maintain a healthy scalp and balance its oil and moisture levels

Nourishes hair, making each strand stronger

Works on all hairs, helps with thinning eyebrows and lashes

In 3 to 4 weeks, 97.88% of users had visible pomade hair growth, and continued use for 7 weeks could visibly see an increase in hair volume. According to long-term users, their hair texture became better than before, and their hair was stronger and shinier.


Help Every Woman Achieve Lush Hair

● Activate Atrophied Hair Follicles

ViVaGrow targets the two main causes of women's hair loss: hormonal and seborrheic. Its active ingredients effectively inhibit harmful hormones like DHT, reducing their negative impact on hair follicles. It revives dormant follicle cells, giving your hair follicles a new lease on life.

● Strengthen Fragile Hair Follicles

A typical healthy hair follicle in women can grow three to four strands, but weaker ones may only produce one, leading to thinner hair. ViVaGrow strengthens each follicle, restoring them to optimal activity, helping reduce hair gaps and increase hair thickness.

● Protect Scalp Health

Once your follicles are healthy, ViVaGrow focuses more on scalp health than other products. As the foundation for hair growth, scalp issues like inflammation and excessive oil can impact follicle health. ViVaGrow regulates scalp oil production, maintaining normal scalp health and preventing future damage.

Organic Ingredients Provide Nutritious Soil

ViVaGrow combines natural organic ingredients in a magical ratio to achieve surprising results that are more than 10 times more effective than similar products on the market for hair growth.

● Copper Tripeptide-1
A small molecule protein made up of three amino acids that promotes a clean and hydrated scalp barrier. Stimulates the proliferation of follicular cells, which encapsulate more hair in a single follicle, resulting in longer, thicker hair.

● Caffeine
Invigorates the scalp, energizes the hair roots and promotes rapid hair growth. Reduces the negative effects of DHT (a hormone that shrinks hair follicles) to help minimize hair loss.

● Tea Tree Oil
Benefits the scalp by cleansing it from bacterial and fungal problems, reducing scalp irritation and dandruff, and creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

● Amino Acid
Repair and build hair fibers for stronger, thicker hair. And retains moisture in the hair to prevent dryness and breakage.

● Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrates the scalp, improves hair elasticity and reduces the likelihood of breakage and thinning.


Use once daily, morning or night. Shake well before use.

Apply 1 drop of Scalp Serum directly to dry or towel-dried scalp wherever results are desired.

Massage into your scalp and let it soak in. A slight tingling sensation may occur.

Witness the Truly Life-changing Results of 10,000+ ViVaGrow users

Nice Product

My hair was really unhealthy, and it was dry, flaky, brittle from heat exposure and dyeing. This serum has helped my hair in so many ways: hydration, length, restoration, and minimizing hair loss. The only con is that it takes a while to work (as it is all-natural) but I have very sensitive skin so I prefer to go this route. I am going to keep cutting my hair and applying this product along with the occasional hair detox because I see shorter strands that are starting to come out again. I will update my progress.

Kelli M.

I Love The Results

I just received my third bottle yesterday and this product is exceptional. Stress was a major factor of my hair loss but after using this product, I saw the result right away and it does relieved the stress. Wellness is very important and our hair is a part of the wellness journey. When you see those baby hair coming out and the fullness of my hair was like never before, I'm happier. I smile more! I love it! The first photo was July 11, 2023. The new photo is from today after shower and blow dry. That's October 15, 2023.

Dorothy H.


I've been using this for 5 months now and can't believe how much my hair has been growing. I've never been able to grow my hair out. Thought that was how it would always be. By 3 months it was definitely noticed by my hairdresser and friends who were constantly saying how they have never seen my hair so long and full!! Magic stuff! I also deal with oily hair and this serum actually helps keep my scalp from getting to oily to fast. I love it!

Mayra S.

Miracle After 6 Months!!

It's working! I've grown all this new baby hair mostly noticeable around my front hairline (a bit annoying as it's sticking up lol) but impressed so far! I'll definitely continue to use! I did have some mild itching at the beginning possibly due to the new hair growth not sure but it subsided with time really glad I stuck to it!

Alaina U.

Actually Works!!

This serum has been a life-changer after my hormone/stress-induced hair loss over the past 2 years. After only about 4 months of use, I have noticed new baby hair growing in the thinning areas of my scalp. My hair is less frizzy, my scalp is less itchy, and much less hair is falling out. I was skeptical of this product after finding out about it on social media, but this product actually works and has made such a big difference for me in less than half a year!

Jennifer K.

Visible Results After 4 Months

I have been using ViVaGrow Hair Serum since mid-May (it's now mid-September) and I have already seen improvement. I have always had a thinner patch of hair along on the front right side of my scalp--this serum is quickly fixing this issue! This product works and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to solve thinning hair, balding areas, and overall volume. Thank you ViVaGrow for a wonderful product that works and is made with clean ingredients that are safe to use!

Marlee D.

It. Really. Works.

It's all true! 4 months and my head is completely transformed, and I'm not going to stop using this delightful product any time soon. My bald spots are filling in, my part is fuller, and my overall hair is fuller, shinier, thicker, bouncier, longer, and just absolutely gorgeous. I needed a product that was 100% natural and actually worked and this is it. Thank you ViVaGrow for helping me feel beautiful again.

Sara B.

Fallout After Pregnancy Is Growing Back!

I've used the product for 4 months, but skipped a day here and there so let's say I have used for 3 months. I had experienced heavy hair fall out after my pregnancy and I see significant improvement on the areas which. are affected the most - near my temple, and on the top of my head.

I will recommend the serum to others as well. Smell is okay.

Allison A.

Slow But Steady Progress

I have used this serum for 6 months straight and I can say for sure that is works. I have Hormonal and other health issues that cause me to have slow hair growth so I never expected a miracle with this serum. But I am happy to share the my hair showed incredible improvement. My bold spots on the scalp are definitely filling up slowly. I have a lot of baby hair now and I plan to go on with the usage of this serum to hopefully see more hair growth and fuller head of hair.

Rebecca C.

Amazing! Hair Loss From Covid And Weight Loss.

The amount that I was losing in the shower was actually kind of horrific. After a week or two of using this product, the hair loss slowed a great deal and has continued to do so. I have been using this product since February, and I have a crazy amount of hair growth. I am now experiencing the lovely baby hairs that are hard to manage, but I am so thankful for them!

Jessica K.

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